Training Location

Regular Training

Most of our volleyball sessions and all of our home games take place at the University of Bristol's Centre for Sports Exercise and Health, more commonly referred to as the SEH. The sports hall is on the third floor of the building (above the univeristy gym) and accommodates two full sized volleyball courts, as well as ample viewing room on the balcony to support our teams while they play. This facility can be conveniently found in the heart of the University campus on Tyndall Avenue.

Some additional training sessions we provide will take place at Cotham School, which is just up the road from the SEH. Here can be found one volleyball court, and is also in an easily accessible location.


Cotham School

Strength and Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning trainings take place at the large off campus sports complex that many of the University of Bristol's sports teams call home: Coombe Dingle. Located on the other side of the Downs, Coombe is a short bus ride for those based in the city, or a short walk for those in Stoke Bishop. The committed few will even jog or cycle to S&C sessions for a warm up.

Training Times