Men's A

"The Men's A team is the place to be for high-leveled volleyball lovers. Throughout the year, we compete in BUCS Western 1A from September to February. Additionally, we have a team in the National Volleyball League Division 3, playing competitive local clubs around Southern England every month.

Being a player in the A team means you will be the most committed, driven and passionate players in the club. Your week will comprise of two training sessions with our coach, Mauro Ceccarini, and two Strength & Conditioning sessions where a qualified coach will train us in the gym. If you cannot tell already, this team pushes for all players to reach their maximum potential.

On a less serious note, we do have socials every Wednesday where we pre as a team (sometimes mixed with other teams in the club) and go out with the whole club, and team meals to bond with your teammates.

Overall, we offer an incredible environment to play volleyball competitively at a high level and create memories with friends that will stay with you forever!"

Keigo Hosoda, 2021/22 Men's A Squad Captain

Women's A

"Women's A squad gives players the opportunity to compete at one of the highest possible levels of English volleyball. Competing in Premier South league since September 2017, and keeping the highest standard not having dropped a league since. We also compete in the National Volleyball League, alongside the rest of the women's teams. The team also competes in competitions such as the Volleyball England Student Cup against the best teams in the country and in the BUCS Beach Student cup at the end of the year, as well as participating in Varsity: a university-wide competition against the University of West England.

The team trains twice a week with a fully qualified coach, and also attends a Strength and Conditioning session once a week with a fully qualified trainer. This squad aims to push as far as we possibly can. We also welcome beginners who show future potential as many of our players work their way up from beginners to starting 6 players within their time at University.

On top of all this fun, every Wednesday it's Sports day, meaning that after our matches we will rejoin the rest of the club for some friendly drinks and afterwards hit the club with the rest of the sports clubs. Being part of a University team is as much about making friends as it is competing and other smaller social events such as pub trips, meals and the winter formal are great ways of getting to know the rest of the club. "

Marina Rodriguez , 2019/20 Women's A Squad Captain

Men's B

"As newcomers to the Western 1A division, there were doubts if the squad could maintain their position as they competition got fiercer and the spikes got harder. However, I’m happy to say that the Men’s Bs silenced the haters and, with the grit and determination, have managed to stay in 1A! This makes our goal for this season to improve on our position in the league table by notching up some more wins!

The team is perfect for players who want to play volleyball at a competitive level and improve their game to eventually join the A Squad! The squad also has a proud tradition of being involved and enthusiastic in the social side of the club, showing up in big numbers no matter the costume and no matter the weather!

The team trains two times a week, with S&C sessions once a week, and all players are expected to attend these sessions. All in all, this is an incredible way to make new friends, have a great time and to get that summer bod ready for the annual club tour!"

Ari Biggart, 2020/21 Men’s B Squad Captain

Women's B

"The Women’s B team allows members to compete at a competitive level in the BUCS league and the Conference Cup, and players continue to be challenged in training as well as matches. The team currently competes in the BUCS Western 2B division, placing 2nd in the 2019/2019 season, and is coached by higher level players within the club. This encourages players to develop their skills in a fun environment, as well as competing in a challenging league. Alongside training sessions, the B team attend strengthening and conditioning sessions held at university facilities, where supervised workout routines designed to help volleyball players take place. In addition to this, they also compete in Varsity, a university wide competition held against the other university in Bristol, the University of the West of England.

The club is a very social society and we continue to adapt to COVID regulations so we can create and maintain a strong sense of community within your team and across the whole club. Our socials range from crazy nights out to cosy board game nights and, most recently, a wide variety of Zoom activities, including competitive pub quizzes. Attending our socials is a great way to get to know your team and other members across the club and are always very enjoyable due to the hard work of our great social secretaries!"

Eve Kimber, 2020/21 Women's B Squad Captain

Mixed C

"The Mixed C Team maintains a perfect balance of aspiring to improve, and a warm, friendly atmosphere. Hard-working as we are, you will often find us present in various aspects of the club, including officiating, supporting, and participating in socials.

With a slightly more open league schedule compared to other teams, we are constantly looking for opportunities to play and practice more, so look forward to many derby’s between our Bs and local teams!

The Mixed C Team is much more than just our own players however, and we would be remiss to not mention the support we receive from B and A Team members in helping us with practice and matches. This illustrates the close-knit nature of the C Team, not just between each other, but between other teams and club members as well.

With easily some of the hardest-working members of the club in the C team, expect to see many of us climbing the ranks soon! Until then however, we look forward to meeting and playing with you! "

Ben Francis-Hew, Boglárka Baranyi 2021/22 Mixed C Squad Captains

Development Squad

"Have you ever wanted to start a new sport or society but been too nervous? Nervous that you won't be good enough? You need a completely open and encouraging place to just try something new! Thats what the development squad is all about. The university's most wholesome and inclusive team (self-proclaimed) is the perfect opportunity to play so beginners volleyball and to meet amazing people! If you just want casual exercise or your looking to progress into the competitive squads then this is the place for you. The development squad also takes part in intramural tournaments and various beginners tournaments. We are the heart and soul of the great University of Bristol Volleyball Club."

Wilf Stoddard, 2020/2021 Development Squad Captain