Club Captain

Michaella Katsimiha

4th year, Dentistry

Since joining the club in second year I felt welcomed from the get-go and only wish I could’ve joined as a fresher. I’ve been a social secretary in the past so I know my way round the dance floor…especially if ‘Dancing Queen’ is playing! I’m really looking forward to getting to know all of you and steering the club through the year with this fantastic committee!

Lots of love,

Michaella x

Vice Club Captain

Sjoerd Peijs (SJ)

3rd year, Mechanical Engineering

Somehow I’m already going into 3rd year but still feel like a silly fresh on the inside. I’m an outside hitter but still don’t know how to receive. I’ll always be down to go get a jägerbomb on a night out. Feel free to ask me any Volleyball related questions and I’ll try my best to answer them.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back on court!

Men's A Captain

Keigo (Keigs)

3rd year, Economics

Hi everyone! My name is Kenj… Keigo (still not sure), and I will be the Men’s A Captain this year! You will often see me never setting opposite and giving all sets to my middles. I’ve been in the volleyball club since my first year and it was the best decision I have made to date. I am super excited to get back on court with everyone and welcoming new faces! Did I mention I’m Yuji Nishida’s long-lost brother?

See you all soon,


Women’s A Captain

Ezster Soos

3rd year, Veterinary Science

Hello! I’m Eszter I’ve had many titles in the club in my 2 years: “went to most socials” and “Best couple?”@Liv. But I think the most useful skill I’ve acquired in my years is the “Official Coach Mauro Translator.” No I don’t speak Italian but I speak Mauro. So don’t worry if you don’t understand the drills I got you girl! (Or ask Eliana lol)

Women’s A Vice Captain

Ellicia Metcalfe

2nd year, Politics and Spanish

Hi! I’m Ellicia and I’m the Women’s A vice captain. On the volleyball court I’m a setter (and can’t do much else) and off the court I’m usually chatting, trying to get my head around Spanish grammar (still haven’t got it yet) or listening to the same 10 songs on repeat. I can’t wait to spend another years playing the best sport with the best society!

Men’s B Captain

Nick Parks/ Bicep boi/ Pre-workout

1st year, Dentistry

Digging is not just a concept; it is a way of life. When I'm not playing volleyball, I'm either learning about teeth or hitting a mad chest day. Nothing is going to be able to distract me from trying to improve as a captain, as I live by the phrase “Gains before Girls”. We have a lot of nights out to make up for from last year, so you better get your Hawaiian shirts ready.

Men's B Vice Captain

Eoin Rollins

3rd year, Politics and International Relations

Unashamedly french, and a love for cooking, get into my good books and I'll feed you forever, also loves hugs and kisses

Women's B Captain

Angeline Pang

2nd year, Engineering Design

Hello! I’m Angeline and I’m the Women’s B captain for this year. On court, I’m a middle and in my past time, you’ll see me trying convince my coach I can play defence. You will also see me having an identity crisis when people ask me where home is.

Can’t wait to see you all at socials!

Men’s C Captain

Ben Francis-Hew

2nd year, Archaeology and Anthropology

You’ve inevitably heard it from many others, but joining the volleyball society in my first year was undoubtedly the highlight of my uni experience, and continues to be just that. With a less restrictive year coming up, I am hoping to contribute more to the club, as well as to get to know more of you in the process! While I love playing and being involved with volleyball, it’s definitely the people that make the club, and I hope you enjoy being a part of the society as much as I do!

Women's C Captain

Bogi Baranyi

4th year, Law

Hello! I’m Bogi (not Boglarka) and I’m the Women’s C captain. On the court I’m playing as a middle and what I lack in height, I make up by jumping as high as I can ( while trying to avoid a vertigo attack). Joining the volleyball club was the best decision I have made in my uni years, and I can’t wait to play with everyone!

Dev squad captain

David Yan

1st year, Computer Science

First year computer science student interested in film photography. New to volleyball but eager to improve!


Daphne Tinbergen

4th year, Psychology

Heya, it’s your girl Daph, ready and steady for another year of setting and sweating. You might know me for my terrible boogie skills, the large amounts of chocolate I eat or the constant regrets after a night out. Although I’m already missing my fav squad (LETS GO DEV SQUAD LETS GO), this year will be all about continuing Luuk’s legacy as another Dutchie takes over the secretary role. I’m excited to see all your beautiful faces again and getting emotional by all the love UoBVC brings ❤️

Much love, Daphne

P.S. bringing me chocolate gets you on my good side.

Social Sec

Gianni Scavetta

2nd year, Management

Heya Volleyball folk! My name is Gianni and I'm one of your social secs for next year,

my hobbies include: Running (Mostly down Whiteladies Road because I'm slightly late for training), Diving (Kneepads? Who needs them) and most importantly enjoying some great volleyball socials with everybody!

In all honestly, I'm always down for a chat, feel free to come say hi and let's all enjoy what the next year of UOB volleyball can bring! <3

Social Sec

Carlotta Nilsson

2nd year, Veterinary Science

Always on the hunt for a freshly tapped Heineken, you can usually find me bouncing around Bristol (or on a table) and showing off my spot on impersonation of a British accent: Cheerio darling, G’day mate! Trust me, it’s pretty good…

After 1 1/2 years of staying inside, I’m ready to bring out the big guns & make UOBVC socials the talk of the town! My accomplice Gianni and I are cheffin up some fresh events to serve you the highest quality fiestas, which you will totally dig (serve receive training in mind)! Can’t wait for a great year with you all 🥰


Theo Snelson

3rd year, Aerospace Engineering

A wise man once said "a Yorkshireman is a Scotsman with all the generosity squeezed out of him", and with that nugget of wisdom I’m proud to introduce myself as the club’s official money man for this year. I’m looking forward to a year packed with volleyball (touch wood) and more importantly, the best sport socials university has to offer . See you all there.


Diana Uchaeva (Di Shady)

2nd year, Chemistry with Sci Computing

Yo! Guess who’s back? Straight out of the wild Russian forest, as savage as the bear,

as bright as the northern lights,

your very own

Di Shady.

Named after the Princess of Wales and the goddess of the HUNT, I’m here to be your Queen of hearts (& courts) and KILL any negative vibes, disrespect and inequality.

• Craving a chat or a hug?

• Want to know the difference between chemical and vball IGNITION? 🔥

• Someone said “TOUR-NAMENT”?

• Feeling left out?

I gotcha my friend 🤙🏽

Drop me a message and we’ll get it sorted!

PR and Communications

Charlotte Jambert

3rd year, Psychology

Heyo, I'm your new PR & Comms manager! I'll be making sure that you're kept up to date with news and events alongside providing some great entertainment on our social media. Look forward to horrible puns, decent last-minute costumes and my amazing ability to easily get injured 🤩

kit and equipment sec

Sarah Karpinksi

4th year, Geography

As an expert in organisation, planning, completing deadlines weeks in advance and a work ethic like no other, it only made sense for me to stay on for another year (not a panic masters at all.) Having worn the same hoodie practically every day for the past year (please see above photo), I’m looking forward to expanding both mine and the club’s wardrobe with some sexy new merch!! Keep your eyes peeled for a glam new rebrand in the weeks to come...

Web manager

James West

3rd year, Computer Science

Joining volleyball last year was by far the best decision I've made at uni, the sport itself is amazing and more importantly the people are so fantastic and welcoming! I can't recommend the society enough, plus the socials are always ones to remember (if you can!)

Alumni Sec

Liv Warburton

3rd year, Liberal Arts

I’m Liv and I’ll be our alumni sec this year. I’m hoping to put on some great alumni events and increase alumni involvement in the club. I’m Dutch but have most recently moved from Geneva and sadly people mistake me for an American. I play outside and have been playing with the advanced women. Sorry in advance if I shower you with photos of my pets I’m just obsessed.