Club Captain

Joshua Mareschal

3rd year, Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry MSci

Silly little fresher missing serves to silly 3rd year still missing serves, just with an added beard along the way. The volleyball club has been a massive part of my time at uni from the start and I am thrilled to be steering the ship this year! Be warned, I am only ever hung over or extremely productive, there is no inbetween.

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Vice Club Captain

Antoine Macquet

5th year, Law

Don’t let my goofy allure trick you, I’m now the oldest member of the club. I’m commonly spotted running late to tutorials, singing karaoke in a flamingo shirt, day drinking in front of the 6 Nations and trying to impress Mauro with my serve receive. I’m always open to sharing his wisdom so hit me up with any questions about the club, volleyball or what to get at Eat-a-Pitta. (Be warned, mention Spikeball and I’ll never let you go).

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Men's A Captain

Sjoerd Peijs

2nd year, Mechanical Engineering

“Despite having only been in Bristol for one year, Sjoerd '3 letter' Peijs has already established himself as a vital member of both the club and Men's A squad. A strong volleyball talent underpins his love for a great social and night out. While all of the above may be threatened this coming year, his passion for the club and team cannot be dampened” - Dan Nickalls

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Women’s A Captain

Andreja Kenstaviciute

3rd year, Economics

I’m all about travelling, discovering the world of economics, and experiencing new things. I’m also crazy about Women’s A. Because with a team who can lose first sets with results almost impossible to defeat - and then manage to concentrate and take the victory - you can achieve anything!

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Men’s B Captain

Ari Biggart

5th year, Engineering Design

When I was a wee lad living in the shadow of Eyjafjallajökull, I watched a film called "Top Gun". The beach volleyball scene awoke a passion deep inside me. A passion for not just biceps, but volleyball. No longer the silly fresher I once was, this silly 5th year is looking forward to leading the Men’s Bs next year as we mould our team into something Tom Cruise would be proud of.

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Women’s B Captain

Eve Kimber

2nd year, Psychology

Joining the volleyball club last year is easily one of my favourite things about my uni experience so far. I was able to improve my volleyball skills, play in loads of matches, and meet tons of great people. The welcoming and positive environment has allowed me to make lots of happy memories and I’m very excited to make many more this year! :)

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Men’s C Captain

Eoin Rollins

2nd year, Politics and International Relations

Salut tout le monde, I'm Eoin (Owen) and I'm very French about food. Hopefully, the C Team can bear my cooking too. I'm really looking forward to playing even more volleyball this year and of course joining everyone for those legendary karaoke nights!

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Women’s C Captain

Alisa Schmieg

2nd year, Veterinary Sciences

I am Alisa Schmieg and going into 2nd year Veterinary Medicine. My dad is German, mom from Hong Kong and I grew up in Morocco. Volleyball club is definitely what makes uni life so much better with all the amazing people and socials! My house is next to the sport centre and I live with 3 other volleyballers. I am excited to welcome all the new people, make them feel welcome and get an amazing team bond!!

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Dev Squad Captain

Indigo Smith

2nd year, Italian and Spanish

Dev squad? What’s that? Only one of my fave parts of uni ! and I couldn’t be happier to be captain this year! I love nothing more than a boogie on a weds night so hopefully catch ya on the dance floor xox

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Dev Squad Captain

Wilf Stoddart

5th year, Engineering Design

I joined volleyball last year looking to make friends and learn a new sport. Having never played before, Dev squad was the most encouraging environment you could ask for. I'm excited to make even more great friends this year!

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Daphne Tinbergen

3rd year, Psychology

Heya, it’s your girl Daph, ready and steady for another year of setting and sweating. You might know me for my terrible boogie skills, the large amounts of chocolate I eat or the constant regrets after a night out. Although I’m already missing my fav squad (LETS GO DEV SQUAD LETS GO), this year will be all about continuing Luuk’s legacy as another Dutchie takes over the secretary role. I’m excited to see all your beautiful faces again and getting emotional by all the love UoBVC brings ❤️

Much love, Daphne

P.S. bringing me chocolate gets you on my good side.

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Social Sec

Michaella Katsimiha

3rd year, Dentistry

Michaella is the name and planning socials for you to have fun at is the game! I’m a third year dental student and when I’m not drilling and filling teeth, you’ll find me playing or watching volleyball with some of the loveliest people (and giraffes) on campus. At training I’m usually setting to the wall and running around confused, but at socials, my partner in crime, Sarah ‘sometime blonde sometimes brunette’ Karpinski, and I, are boogying on the dance floor and singing our hearts out! This year I’m looking forward to finally figuring out how to use Zoom and hopefully hosting a face-to-face social! As always, lots of love!! xo

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Social Sec

Sarah Karpinski

3rd year, Geography

Hey guys, I’m Sarah! I’m a final year geography student, committed to always going hard and never going home... Do not be fooled, colouring in, quality setting and diverse hair care are not my only talents! Planning wild nights out (or online) and wholesome activities for the best sports club in town is my main passion! I can’t wait for what the year ahead is going to bring, continuing the amazing inclusive nature of our volleyball community with the V to my K, Michaella!! I can’t wait to see you all soon!! Lots of love 🧡 xxx

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Keigo Hosoda

2nd year, Economics

Hi! I am a second year studying Economics, and I will be the treasurer for this year’s volleyball committee. One of my hobbies is to constantly float between the Men’s As and Bs and not know which team I really belong in. Other than that I’m a sick setter. Super excited to see everyone - new and old!

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Student Equalities Officer

Greta Lowe

3rd year, International Business

In need of a chat? Wanna go to a tournament? Wondering where Antoine is? Then I’m your gal! I’m a third year International Business International and was the 2019-2020 Social Sec (although short lived). My organs and hangovers have given me a clear sign that it is time to hand in the Jaegerbombs for a HEVO sweatshirt and behave like the adult (??) I should be (??). My passions in life include editing Josh’s head onto random things, yelling “omg dog” every time I see any dog ever and being hungover. I’m so excited to see all your beautiful faces again and meet some new beautiful faces next term (even if it’s over Zoom 😢 ) Catch your Student Engagement and Equality Officer at literally any UOBVC event, I’m usually sat at the scoring table or at the bar buying shots for literally anyone who asks xxx

🧚🏼 Sayanara cuties 🧚🏼

Officer Gretski

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PR and Communications

Bethan Henderson

3rd year, Biology

Heya buds! My name’s Bethan and when I’m not boring everyone talking about insects or other biology things, you may find me injuring myself in stupid ways on court! I’ve a newfound passion for making focaccia and - more importantly - a passion with this club since I joined last year. I can’t wait for this upcoming year to be reunited with the best sports club in Bristol ;) !

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Kit and Equipment Sec

Teresa Boardman

2nd year, Law

My highlight of last year was definitely every Sunday spent hungover playing matches and harassing poor Mikey and Patrick (love you guys!). You can typically find me passed out, taking a nap by the side of the court for my scheduled mid-tournament shut eye (you’ll quickly figure out that this is a necessity). I’m expecting to see everyone on top form in Grav on a Wednesday night, sporting your beautiful new sports fleeces!

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Web manager

Theo Greenslade

4th year, Computer Science

Hey I'm Theo! I'm a 4th year computer science student and I’ve been with the club since 1st year. I play opposite because of my incredible serve receive skill and did you know I’m left handed? I’ll be in control of our beautiful website so if you wanna be famous hit me up.

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Alumni Sec

Man Fai Ho

3rd year, Veterinary sciences

Like many others, I’ve been blessed with the most amazing memories over the past years with people who were once strong presences in the club. It is for this reason that I want to create events that fill our dearest alumni with the sweet feeling of nostalgia. For those who know me, to contribute to the club is a commitment I’ve stuck to since joining. I promise to always listen to our members, to bring these ideas to the table, and to shape our club into a place of peace and love for all of our members, old and new alike. Thanks for your time x

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