Club Captain

Josh Veitch

2nd Year, Civil Engineering

From silly fresh to club captain in less than a year but I'm more than ready to lead the Volleyball club to new heights. I've been playing volleyball for over 9 years but somehow I still don't know how to receive a serve. I'll do my best to make sure everything runs smoothly and answer any questions about volleyball at Bristol. Catch me cheering at the top of my lungs on the court or busting out the worst moves you've ever seen at the club.

Either way, I can't wait to get started

📷 josh_veitch

Vice Club Captain

Jake Stidwill

2nd year, Civil Engineering

Hi I’m Jake, setter/libero/bench warmer for the mean A team, and I will be trying to run the club as vice captain this year. Our committee has so much love for this club, and I can’t wait to meet you all, whether in training, coaching, or just around campus (and you’ll definitely be seeing me in the White Harte every Wednesday).

It’s my goal for this club to become the greatest in Bristol, so come and get involved!

📷 jake.stidwill

Men's A Captain

Daryn Teo

2nd year, Law

I joined the club first week upon arriving in Bristol and never looked back since! UOBVC has tremendously enhanced my uni life and I am happy to give back by leading a group of talented boys in the upcoming season! An outside who has an issue with moving his legs.

I'm always open to chat so do DM me!

📷 darynteo

Women’s A Captain

Junko Atanacio

3rd year, Biomedical Science

Heyhey I'm Junko! I'm Korean-Filipino but I was born and raised in Japan. My favorite snack is Chocopie (if you know, you know) and I love guava juice. My favorite Pokemon is Gible. I started playing volleyball in high school and I enjoy playing volleyball in all positions (except setter). As a captain, I'm also here to push others and become a better player myself. But at the same time, I'm here to have fun and I want to get to know my teammates well :)

Men's B Vice Captain

Caleb Shao

2nd year, Music

Heyyy, I'm Caleb I've been playing volleyball for a few years and I'm a setter! My hobbies include making music, hanging out with my cat, playing mario kart and eating food.

I'm just your average guy lookin for love ;_;

📷 youshaonotpass

Women's B Captain

Angeline Pang

2nd year, Engineering Design

Hello! I’m Angeline and I’m the Women’s B captain for this year. On court, I’m a middle and in my past time, you’ll see me trying convince my coach I can play defence. You will also see me having an identity crisis when people ask me where home is.

Can’t wait to see you all at socials!


Paige Charnley

2nd year, Veterinary Medicine

My first year of Bristol Volleyball was absolutely incredible, so I decided to take it one step further and join committee just to get even more involved with this amazing club. Without a doubt, this club has made my first year really special and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you. We’ve got lots of incredible things planned and with me as your secretary and our amazing committee I’m sure it’ll all run smoothly. Please drop me a message if you have any questions. I’m super excited for this upcoming year with you all! See you all soon!!

Much love, Paige x

📷 paige_charnley

social sec

Indigo Smith

4th year, Spanish and Italian

Hey everyone I’m Indigo, one of the social secs for this year! After spending the last year abroad in Italy and Spain channelling my inner mysterious woman, I’m ready to come back to Bristol with big ideas for upcoming socials to make your volleyball experience as fabulous as the past committees have made it for me!:)

Can’t wait to meet all your beautiful faces and organise some funky socials with groovy themes💃🏼 Feel free to dm me or Joana with any qs!

📷 ind_smith

Social Sec

Joana Martins

4th year, Medicine

Although you will not find me at most Dev Squad training sessions, I've been in the club since fresher's and attended every social I could! With that expertise, Indigo and I as social secs are already brewing some amazing Wednesday nights that you'll never forget (except when we go to the Cori Tap)!

You can find me at any local pub and/or karaoke machine, so feel free to come have a chat whenever you see me. Can't wait for an amazing year will all of you!


Jonathan Butler

2nd year, Civil Engineering

How I've ended up being trusted with all the club's finances is beyond me, yet here we are! I'm a middle pretending to be an outside and I love Volleyball at Bristol so you'll definitely see me at socials and training. I like to think I know a thing or two about Volleyball so feel free to chat and ask any questions!

📷 jonathan._butler


Diana Uchaeva (Di Shady)

3rd year, Chemistry with Sci Computing

Yo! Guess who’s back? Straight out of the wild Russian forest, as savage as the bear,

as bright as the northern lights,

your very own

Di Shady.

Named after the Princess of Wales and the goddess of the HUNT, I’m here to be your Queen of hearts (& courts) and KILL any negative vibes, disrespect and inequality.

• Craving a chat or a hug?

• Want to know the difference between chemical and vball IGNITION? 🔥

• Someone said “TOUR-NAMENT”?

• Feeling left out?

I gotcha my friend 🤙🏽

Drop me a message and we’ll get it sorted!

PR and Communications

Ben Francis-Hew

3rd year, Archaeology and Anthropology

I've said it before and I'll say it again that joining this society and discovering volleyball was the best decision I've made period, and I can't wait to contribute more to this club and sport. As PR & Comms manager, I'll be distributing info for all things club related, so feel free to ask me any questions, and me and the FAQ page will be happy to help! Looking forward to improving as a player, and hope you have a great experience with the club!

📷 benfrancishew

kit and equipment sec

Megan Snoad

2nd year, Mechanical Engineering

Hello I am Megan and I will be this years kit sec! I am excellent at organising and easy to reach. I also love design so be on the look out for new merch! I played volleyball before uni so was keen on finding a uni with a good volleyball club and I have to say I was not let down :))

I can’t wait to meet and get to know even more volleyballers!

📷 megan_snoad

Web manager

Theo Snelson

4th year, Aerospace Engineering

Having somehow succesfully not bankrupted the club as treasurer last year, I am happy to take over the role of web manager for my final year of university. I've watched the social network at least 3 times for preparation, so make sure to come back here to found out all the latest news and info. Just don't ask me anything about my course because honestly I haven't got a clue.

📷 theosnelson

Alumni Sec

Michaella Katsimiha

5th year, Dentistry

I’m Michaella and I’ll be your Alumni Secretary for the year! Aside from drilling and filling teeth in my final year of uni, I’ll be responsible for keeping all the alumni of the club up-to-date with all the fun events we’ve got coming up this year. This year I hope to start a few alumni-based events so that you can all have a chance to keep in touch with the large volleyball community even if you’ve graduated.

When I’m not on court (or the bench), you’ll find me having a boogie on the dance floor on Wednesday nights at our fab socials and doing Bob Ross nights with my flatmates to wind down from a busy week!

I’m really looking forward to this year and I hope to see some familiar faces at some tournaments and socials to come!

M x

📷 michaellakatsimiha

Event Sec

Bianca Baracchi

3rd year, Management

As a proud #managementmajor, I could not resist becoming your very new (and first!) Events Manager. What I - may - lack in volleyball skills, I make up with efficient excel spreadsheets, aesthetic calendar planning and, most importantly, Italian moves on the dance floor. When not on the court, you’ll probably find me talking about my pasta recipes, blinding people with my disposable camera and organising elegant soirées (takeaway pizza, anyone?), always imagining new ways to bring the wonderful members of this club together.

Joining the volleyball club was one of the best choices I’ve made at uni and I look forward to seeing what next year will bring. I have no doubt we’ll have some amazing games and create fun memories, and while we do not have crazy initiation rituals, new members should expect a vigorous but welcoming shake of hands from the club’s loudest Italian (aka, me).

Be on the lookout for the best socials, formals and tournaments UoB has ever seen. I’ll see you all there! ❤️

📷 biancabaracchi