This weeks social! 28/10

Hi guys and gouls

Howl’s everyone doing? Are you ready for another great Frankens-time this Wednesday?!

With Halloween approaching, we want to see all your creepiest costumes at the pub on 28th October! Each table will need to make decisions about witch theme for their costumes they want and where(wolf) they’ll be going for drinks! You can either make your own outfit or vamp-hire one to make it easier. Change out your regular mask for something more fit for sp00ky season!

Also, don't forget to direct message a photo of your group at some point throughout the night to the uobvolleyball instagram, (we promise not to you!) and most importantly, make sure to have lots of skele-fun!!

This week we’re going to have a similar set up as last week, react to the post in the forum if you want to be put in a group of 6 for the pub! We’ll be mixing the tables up each week for you to get to know as many members as you can!

Same COVID rules apply, please be careful and mindful of others

For those of you who can’t make an in-person event just yet, don’t worry, there will be a scary-themed remote social, so keep your eyes out for more information about that to come!

Stay safe and lots of love,

Sarah and Michaella xoxo

UOB Volleyball Socials

Our weekly socials include karaoke, scavenger hunts, Come Dine With Me nights, and much, much more. We hold many less drinking based events like team meals and board game evenings, although alcohol is definitely not expected at any of our socials! During lockdown and over the summer we’ve also been holding online socials including pub quizzes, bake-offs, and yoga. Whatever the event, you’re bound to have a wonderful time!