About the Club

As the largest university volleyball club in the country, we strive to ensure that we provide the very best university club sport experience available. Whether you are looking for a highly driven and competitive environment, or a more casual social activity, we believe that the University of Bristol Volleyball Club can meet your needs.

Our dedicated and passionate committee work hard to ensure that the principles of inclusiveness, equality and friendliness are maintained through all levels of the club. This manifests itself in fielding squads over a wide range of skill levels and weekly socials that encourage and prioritise both close inter-team bonding and extensive club-mingling.

Our first teams play in some of the highest BUCS leagues available, as well as placing a team in the NVL, and have a dedicated experienced coach to drive and guide them to success. We also boast Men's and Women's Bs teams, as well as a Men's Cs team, who all play in the BUCS leagues. Our squad structure allows for the fluid progression of players who show potential as we are constantly coaching beginners to volleyball into effective players of the game. With this in mind, we also field a team in the local BDVA league with the aim of allowing new players to gain game experience.

A large part of our club ethos is encapsulated by our Development squad. This is a beginner's team for those who are new to the game, want to try out a new sport, do not want to commit too much of their time or enjoy the club purely for the social element. However, the name of the squad fundamentally describes its purpose. It exists to allow the development of volleyball skills in a relaxed environment and to serve as a stepping stone for those who wish to become part of our competitive teams. Coached by an enthusiastic core of more experienced players, it is a great way to both make friends and begin to progress through the club. Over the years we have had many A squad members who originated within the Development squad, and this is a testament to the clubs inclusive and development driven ideology.

However, the volleyball club is not only about time spent on court. We have a heavy focus on ensuring that all members enjoy their time at university, and we cater for this with weekly socials. These see our members challenged to create fancy dress to fit a variety of creative themes, sing terribly at karaoke nights or compete in incredible scavenger hunts. On top of this, we organise many non-drinking events such as team meals after games, encouraging support at games, Come Dine With Mes, BBQs and outside volleyball sessions (although these last two are usually confined to the summer season only, for obvious reasons). There are also three university wide socials through the year that we attend, SCORE, and a special Christmas formal that allow us all to pretend to be civilised for one night of the year.

We also offer plenty of non-competitive volleyball throughout the year. This can come in the form of fun club-wide tournaments such as the Christmas fancy dress and End of Year tournaments. We participate in the annual charity event Ignit10n, which sees us playing a 10 hour continuous outdoor game of volleyball in the cold for local hospitals. Finally, but by no means the least, we also organise an annual volleyball tour to somewhere with a beach to enjoy the sun, good company and a bit more beloved volleyball.

We are beginning to have a long and happy history guided by legends of the club who can be found in the Hall of Fame. As our pool of Alumni grows, ex-members can be found across the world cherishing friendships formed due to their inspired choice to join the volleyball club during their time at university. Don't be the one to miss us! Read more about how to join us here, and maybe you will be our next Hall-of-Famer!