University of Bristol Volleyball Club

We are a friendly club open to any student at the University of Bristol. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, you will be able to join the club and play volleyball at your level.

We also host a number of unforgettable socials each term giving you a chance to get to know your team members as well as everyone else in the club.

This week's Social: Sh*t Shirt Karaoke!

Firstly, well done to everyone for Score, we hope you had a great time, you smashed the costumes! For those who weren't able to make it, fear not there'll be two more in the year!

Moving on to this week's social, after popular request the Volleyball club is going to the White Harte for some KARAOKE! Our A team boys are famous for their beautiful but perhaps they shall be dethroned by YOU this wednesday! There's no pressure to sing but it's always a really fun night to get to see everyone's off court talent! After torturing each other's ears for a couple of hours, we will be moving on to the triangle's finest: Lizard Lounge, just to mix things up a little! No need to get tickets this week because we'll grab them on the door ;)

BUT WAIT THERE'S A TWIST!! Just to make our social all the more embarassing, there is a shit shirt dress code! Dig up your ugliest, most colourful shirts and we will show the white harte how stylish and talented the Volleyball club really is!

The schedule!!!

Mixed pres at 8pm as follows:

-Men's As + Men's Bs

-Women's As + Women's Bs

-C team + Dev Squad

At 9:30 we will all meet at the White Harte where our Karaoke set-up wil await us! We will be moving on to Lizard Lounge once we've had enough of singing (which will be NEVER) and leave the singing to the real musical artists!

Hope to see you all there


G + D

Link for the Facebook event:

This week's Games

Make sure to check this space to find out when you can come and support our incredible teams playing at the SEH.

Home Games:

That's right - if you felt that somehow, this new coming week was going to be different, this is why. There comes a time in every life where one must decide which side of history they stand on. Separated from brothers by only a net (and the withering stench of sweat emanating from the other team that is somehow far worse than how your team smells and prevents you from wanting to get any closer (who would want to be involved in their team huddles?)) and the quickest of thoughts in the briefest of moments, two teams take to the hallowed courts of the SEH to write another passage into the annals of history. Braver men have known to have fainted under such pressure - but not our Men's 1st or 2nds.

That's right, the first clash in our great Bristol Derby series has already rolled around to greet us with glorious arms spread wide. Who will take the victory? Will the sports hall be able to cope with the hordes of passionate supports set to ascend to the lofty heights? Will our new mascot finally make an appearance? You can find out by turning up at 17:00 this Wednesday - make sure to hit going on the FB event and share to show all of your friends how cool you are!

Away Games:

Our intrepid Women's first head out this week to the distant coastal destination of Bournemouth for a 17:00 game that will see them battling car-sickness and testing their bladder strength just as much as they will be tested on court. We wish them the best of luck!

This week's Match Reports:

Men’s 1sts:

‘It was a rainy afternoon in the middle of a field just to the west of Salisbury. A minibus full of young athletes were making their winding way into the unknown. Some faces were old and weathered from years of trips like this, but most were new, excited and had just a hint of fear in their youthful eyes.

"Veni, vidi, vici" springs to mind looking back on Wednesday's game against Bournemouth 2nds. It was the first game of the season for our 12 intrepid warriors who handled the weight of expectation with unrivalled elegance.

Starting off slowly seems to have become a fashionable thing for the men in recent times, fortunately fashion moves on. Some really controlled play, along with serving streaks longer than a really long thing, saw the men glide to a 25-5 first set victory.

The second set started much the same with a couple of huge hits from Name “touch my speaker” Srisanguansakul. Coasting to a 25-12 second set the men prepared for a third set that would surely see Bournemouth come back stronger.

And come back stronger they did. We led 14-12 with Mikey “small bladder” Cullinane stepping up to the plate to serve. 11 points later we won the match, with no small thanks to Steve “cut King” Yang.

Special mention must go to Antoine “pee in a bush” Macquet who slotted in as our libero with a great first game.’


Women’s 2nds:

‘Our first match of the season saw the Women’s 2nds play the Swansea 1sts. While the result was a 3-0 defeat, all the girls played really well, especially considering the complete lack of preparation. Torunn’s serves were spot-on (ace ace ace ace), Ezster’s hits went straight to the floor, and Ola’s sets tied everything together perfectly. Special mention goes out to Heather, who played as libero for the first time and did absolutely amazingly, impressing everyone! It was a tough game, but the team rose to the occasion: even managing to take 16 points in the 2nd set. Onwards and upwards, and I think we’re all looking forward to our next game, where we get the chance to play after having actually trained.

I forgot the actual donuts on the day (oops) but the donut awards are as follows:

Serving Donut goes to the whole team, as I could count on 1 hand the amount of missed serves and was very happy about it.

Passing Donut goes to Cristina, who stood out in every way!

Hitting Donut goes to Eszter. It’s no exact science but I’d estimate that the number of points she scored from her hits is about the same as the number of shots we had later that night.

MVP donut goes to Pili, who was stuck at home having a bit of a mare but was there in spirit.’


Men’s 2nds:

‘The seemingly never-ending Bristol drizzle was broken this fine Wednesday by none other than the opening of the mighty B’s first season back with the big boys in division 1.

Swansea 1sts were to be the opponents and the crowds had gathered to watch the spectacle unfold. Rumours, in fact, were running wild that a certain Michael ‘Yes I’m still around’ Wilsher had come to witness this great clash.

The first set began quickly with points flying between both the teams! New arrival, and talented setter Keigo ‘Steel Hands’ Hosoda leading the play for the team with his ingenious sets outplaying the imposing Swansea block. Unfortunately, the Swans had taken a small lead in the set and although some spirited pickups by guest player and club captain Davide ‘BUDDY’ Bernardi rallied the troops a little, our boys fell 19-25.

Luckily however, Kenji ‘Coach’ Capannelli had a plan! On came Theo ‘Did you know I’m left handed’ Greenslade, to provide some extra bite to he attack! Between Theo and Flavio ‘Where’s the long hair gone?’ Cannizzo surely the team would be able to push through? The early season nerves however had different ideas and after another hard fought set Swansea once again took it 25-21.

Would the third set be the change? Akash ‘Guys I haven’t been to Bargs this week’ Thota certainly thought so, and suddenly decided he remembered how to run a middle attack. Swansea were valiant in their efforts however and wrapped up the third set 25-20.

The final result not reflecting the performance of our team made the result all the more bitter, but the team fuelled by the game are more than ready to put the effort in and make big steps this season! Onto the next one.’



‘I want to start this report by saying that Richmond is far away. And by far, I mean really far. Especially when London traffic doesn't move.

This nugget of information would have proven useful by allowing us to warm up on time. Instead, the first set was our warm-up and the result showed.

Sets 2 and 3 saw a steady improvement from the boys but carried the same results. If it wasn't for a couple of serving streaks in the final set we could have pushed Richmond all the way.

Big shout out to ex Richmond now Bristol superstar SJ "traitor" Peijs for his MVP performance.’


BDVA Men’s:

‘This season started for the Men’s C Team, just like it ended last year: Man Fai overslept. It only took his personal driver, Lachlan, to join him up with the rest of the 10-man strong squad. The men faced their first opponents of the BDVA season: The BVC 3rd team.

After a quiet first set, winning 27:25, the men rallied under the individual leadership skills of Man Fai. The second set was more convincing, with strong hits from Rhys, Lachlan and Louis, firing us to a 25:14 win (This was C team’s first BDVA win, since the glorious days of Captain Mikey).

C team did their best to carry this momentum into the match against the BVC Men’s 2nd and with strong receiving work of the libero; Ollie, we kept our opponents at bay for much of the game. In the end we slumped to a somewhat underserving defeat, yet there are many positive things that have been taken and we look forward to an exciting season!’


BDVA Women's:

'Last saturday, the women's C team started off their season with a bang in their two first BDVA matches against Bath's Women's C and City of Bristol C's. Without having any training as a team prior to their first game, the girls defeated Bath 3rds. After just falling short in the first set, the team managed a huge comeback to take the second and third set.

However, the excitement of winning their first match wasn't enough to beat the towering and experience City Of Bristol's Women's 3rds. Despite the mismatch, the girls played their hearts out and ended the day feeling proud and happy with their overall perfomance. Here's to a great year and hopefully more victories ahead!'