How to Join

Here at UOBVC we welcome players of all abilities, depending on your experience and level you'll want to purchase memberships varying from Development squad to Advanced.

Advanced Squads

If you wish to join our advanced squads, we strongly encourage that you take part in our give it a go sessions that will run during welcome week. Here, your skills and potential will be assessed and you will be placed into a suitable team for your level. If you are unable to attend these sessions, do not fear! In this case, please message the respective first team captains ahead of time (you can find their name and Facebook contact here).

Membership - As: £125 Bs: £80 Cs: £60

Once you have been placed into a team and have found that you deeply enjoy being a part of our club, we will ask you to pay a membership fee towards the end of October. This helps us afford the coaching we receive, organise events, purchase equipment and generally keeps the club afloat. We consider the pricing to be very reasonable, especially when compared to some clubs that operate within the University. Advanced squad members will need to purchase a development membership and the additional advanced player membership from the link below. These memberships are only for term one and next terms memberships will be released at the start of the second term.

On top of our membership, to be able to access the SEH, the University requires that all our players purchase the #WeAreBristol membership (a name coined by our very own John House). This pays for our hall time and the upkeep of the facilities we use. If you already have any kind of sports pass from the University of Bristol, you will already own this pass.

Development Squad

The Development squad is the heart of our club, and we rely heavily on the progression of these players to maintain a competitive player base. Therefore, these sessions are coached by an enthusiastic core of more experienced players from the competitive teams.

Membership - £50

We run two Development Squad sessions a week due to the large number of attendees. To be able to join these sessions, players must buy our Development membership, which will entitle you to attend both the B:active session and an additional session each week. For this, you will also need to have a #WeAreBristol sports pass. As with the competitive passes, we have added a half year to cater for ERASMUS or half year exchange students.

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