Hall of Fame

Robert Pennifold

Known as: Rob, Grandad

Time Active: 2008 - 2016

Position: Outside Hitter/Setter

Bio: Rumoured to have been at the club since the dawn of time itself, Rob was arguably one of the greatest leaders to pass through its ranks. Taking up the position of Club Captain in 2013, Rob oversaw substantial growth within the club, starting the 2nd teams, a move which helped triple membership figures. On top of this Rob was witness to one of the best seasons in 2014/15 when both 1st teams won their respective leagues, a success that he played a key role in for the Men’s 1sts as starting outside hitter. A keen attendee of socials, Rob also displayed a remarkable knowledge of cheesy pop music, an attribute that remained firmly on display at every visit to Lizard Lounge. Rob’s energy and enthusiasm for Volleyball was unprecedented, and he can take full responsibility for moulding the University of Bristol Volleyball Club into the undoubted powerhouse it is today. It will take one hell of an individual to surpass his achievements as Club Captain.

Celestine Weegenaar

Known as: Celly

Time Active: 2008 - 2015

Position: Outside Hitter/Middle/Opposite

Bio: Almost as permanent a fixture in the Volleyball club as the sport itself, Celly was one of the most proactive club members to grace the halls of SEH. Playing pretty much every position on court with inevitable success, Celly was a key member of the Ladies 1sts for the entirety of her degree. Off-court Celly confirmed her love of moving around positions by, at varying points across the years, being Social Sec, Ladies Captain, HEVO Officer and now Alumni Sec. Celly was also a keen advocate of the Volleyball socials, regularly tearing up the dancefloor with her pre-choreographed routines. Celly worked hard to be the friendly face for many freshers and her enthusiasm for all aspects of the club will remain in the memories of the club for a long time.

John House

Known as: The John House

Time Active: 2012 - 2018

Position: Middle/Opposite

Bio: Taking over as Club Captain from Rob Pennifold was no easy task and finding someone who even came close to sharing the same level of dedication and excitement towards the sport was always going to be tough. Fortunately John did this with ease. The amount of time this man spent in the hallowed sports hall will never be surpassed by another human being. Whether he was coaching a complete beginner or competing against the best players in the country, he put in the exact same amount of effort, and loved every minute of it.

After finishing his degree, he then did a masters, then not wanting to leave took up a two year role as the Sport and Student Development Officer. Here he applied his knowledge of being a club captain to the wider sporting community and also did an incredible job at this. His legend will live on with the 10 foot banner of him up in the sports hall and the everlasting #WeAreBristol hashtag.