Why should I join?

If reading the large body of text on the About the Club page does not already get you excited to join the club, then we don't know what else will! But now I will speak from a more personal point of view here to encourage you further:

The single best decision I made at the University of Bristol was to join the Volleyball club, without a shadow of a doubt. This club has helped me in so many ways through the many difficulties that can occur during university. It is a testimony to the club that it is so successful in its aims that I am now more than happy to spend my entire summer creating this website in the hope that it might encourage just one person to make the decision like I did to join the club, and experience the happiness that is has given to me. If you need anymore convincing, please feel free to message me here and I will spend all the time necessary to convince you to make the best decision of your University career - Mikey Cullinane, PR & Comms 2019/20.

Can I join if I have never played before?

Absolutely! Most of the new members we get every year have never played before and our Club is designed specifically to allow players to grow from complete beginners into athletes! In our Development Squad the first few months are used to get everyone to be comfortable on court and familiar with the basics of Volleyball, and even if you join the Club halfway into the year there will always be coaches at trainings who will help you get your technique up to speed with the rest of the Squad!

Can I join if I am not a University student?

Unfortunately if you are not a full-time student at the University of Bristol, then you are not able to play in the BUCS league. There may still be opportunities for you to join training sessions but please be aware that university students will take precedence. If you wish to play for another club in Bristol then check out these other local clubs: City of Bristol VC, Bristol Volleyball Club, Bedminster Volleyball Club.

What are your membership fees?

The price varies depending on which squad you are a part of, this is due to league entry fees and coaching.

We'll be deciding on our membership prices for the 2022-2023 season soon, so make sure to check back soon!

Please look at our How to Join page for more information and the relevant links.

How committed do I need to be?

It's really up to you! Having two different tiers of Teams - Advanced and Dev - allows us to not only group our players by skill but also by committment.

Some of our Development Squad members only come to trainings once a month (and some even come only to our Socials) and that's absolutely fine!

If you're in one of the Advanced Squads though, we expect a higher level of commitment. If you miss more than a couple of trainings without giving your Captain a reason for it, we will chase you up or even demote you to a lower Squad, while at the same time giving your spot to a member of that Squad who showed more commitment.

What should I do if I miss the taster sessions?

We're open to new members joining us all through the year! All you need to do is either message our Club Captain or just simply come to one of our B:Active sessions which are open to everyone and our coaches there will introduce you to the club!

Does the UoB Volleyball Club have an annual tour?

Yes! Each year we organise a tour that usually takes place around Easter time. In the previous years we have been to Portugal, Spain (Barcelona and Valencia) and to France (Paris). Our tours are growing more popular each year and are open to any member of the club. The tours are usually an excellent mix of volleyball in the sun and soaking up the local culture and night life (or sitting on the beach and partying as its sometimes known).